This Granada-born jeweller studied Architecture in Madrid and Germany. After finishing her university studies, she moved to Paris where she registered in the prestigious school of jewelry design, �B.J.O.P.� Rue du Louvre, which belongs to the Jewellers' Official Guild of Paris.

Following her period of learning she took part in different competitions and exhibitions, while she sought to make compatible her design work with the collaboration in Architect offices. She discovered then that her real passion was jewelry design, and devoted herself completely to it.

She initiated her professional path with the prestigious Australian company "Autore", where she learnt first hand the exciting world of pearls, and after that experience she decided to initiate a new pathway in the author's jewels with her new interpretation of the jewelry with pearl.

With the aim to develop her personal project as jewelry designer, she presented her first collection of "Architecture in Jewelry", which was followed by other collections where she experimented with different materials such as silver, gold, bronze, enamel and precious stones.

With her designs she has collaborated in many projects such as creating an exclusive collection for �Guggenheim� in Bilbao, and has exhibited in other prestigious contemporary art museums such as �Caixa Forum� in Madrid, "T.E.A.� in Tenerife or �Association of Architects" in Barcelona.

In 2010 she was selected to participate with her own stand in the most prestigious vanguard jewelry fair of Europe,"Inhorgenta" in Munich, and thus expanding to international market.

After several reports published in magazines such as "Arte y Joya", "Joyas the Best" or "Jewels from Spain", was chosen for the "International Contemporary Jewelry Yearbook� of 2011 and 2012 from Grupo Duplex.
She currently designs for the fine jewelry line of �Versace�.


Her source of inspiration is Architecture: geometry, proportion, contrast of forms and textures, the application of colour on different surfaces, the way in which light reflects on materials �

Applying architectural timeless concepts as interior / exterior spaces, empty / full, positive / negative, symmetry, intersection / addition / subtraction of volumes � has developed into particular method of work, which she has termed "Microarchitecture": an innovative application to jewellery design, where all the created pieces create a simple equation of addition and subtraction of pure geometric forms (circle, square, ellipse, cube, sphere, cylinder �).



Special commission from the Guggenheim Museum: Jewelry collection inspired by the Architecture of the building, crafted in white bronze and enamel.

The titanium flakes covering the exhibition space are represented by the wavy white bronze skin, that folds into a play of concave and convex surfaces.

The light is projected on the metal, like a bowl containing a precious liquid inside. The cobalt blue enamel symbolizes the reflection of the estuary water that surround the museum.

* On sale only at the Guggenheim Bilbao museum.


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